Friday, October 7, 2016

A Busy October for Union Harmony!

Union Harmony has been working hard to prepare for two prestigious events in the month of October.
Tomorrow, Saturday, October 8, Harmony will be singing for the Installation Service of Bishop Fairley in Louisville. We are honored to have been asked to sing the Call to Worship. We will also participate in the mass choir.

Harmony has also been invited to sing for the Baptist Health, Clergy Appreciation Breakfast at the Corbin Center on Thursday, Oct. 27. We will be singing a 15 minute program for approximately 50 clergy, from various denominations.

Harmony is a very fine vocal ensemble and a great ambassador for Union College. 

Monday, August 8, 2016

A Lovely Afternoon of Piano Music

Last Tuesday, August 2nd at 3:00 p.m. three young pianists presented a recital in Union's Fine Arts Building.  Annabelle Koen, Anna Siler, and Nathan Siler each played several selections they worked on this summer during lessons. It warms my heart to see their development as young musicians. And to perform publicly can be a bit nerve racking, but they all handled it like young professional musicians.

If you know one of these young people, be sure to congratulated them for a job well done!

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Revisiting graciousness, politeness, and cordiality

[This is a post from the summer of 2013, with a few edits here and there]

I have been thinking quite a lot this summer about qualities like: graciousness, politeness, cordiality. I am reluctant to express a cliché, but it seems we (the collective “we”) are not as cordial as we once were. I suppose there could also be a case made for my just getting older and becoming more aware of the absence of these qualities (although I don’t believe this to be the case).

Let’s just suppose for a moment I am correct and we are living in a time when a simple thank youpleasesincerely, etc. are no longer part of our day-to-day vocabulary. If this is the case, one may wonder…why? Is it our informal means of communicating electronically? Could it be we are living in a climate where one is civil/polite only to those we are trying to impress: those with rank or status?

I don’t have a cannot change another’s innate character, if that is the issue.  However, if likeminded people would for a moment consider these qualities and endeavor simply to be a bit more gracious, polite, cordial…well, we could change the world! Or at least our little corner of it.
So my point is this: be more gracious, polite, and cordial. Strive to live with integrity. Our lives can only be enhanced as a result and this new academic year will indeed be, yet again, a time of new beginnings.

Here is a passage from a very early post and although I am literally repeating myself, it remains just as true for me now as when I first penned it.

Each new semester brings with it a new beginning, a “do over” if you will. One can reflect upon the previous semester(s) and decide what worked, what didn’t work, and what worked even though one may be unclear why! This feeling I get (especially as the fall semester approaches) reminds me of how I felt growing up -- a new school year would be on the horizon and I knew it was a time to make changes, to try something new…

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Union Singers and Union Harmony perform at Knox Central High School

On Wednesday, November 11th the Union Singers and Union Harmony had the privilege of singing at Knox Central High School. I could not be more pleased with their attention to phrasing, beauty of tone, and overall musicality. We have been paying particular attention to depth of tone and it revealed itself in their performance at Knox Central. The Knox Central High School Choir also did a stellar job of singing for us! We had a great time visiting with members of the Knox Central choir and their gifted conductor, Eddie Campbell!  (Our next performance is at Barbourville Nursing Home on Monday, November 30th)
Union Singers (it seems I am always adjusting my stand!)
Union Harmony

Thursday, October 15, 2015

State of the Union Choral Program

I am blessed with a great job! For the first time in many years all freshmen must take a fine arts course (I love having the opportunity to engage with so many freshmen), every fall I teach music for elementary school teachers (they are engaging, highly organized :-) and are also having a grand time learning how to play the recorder! Ha!). My voice students are progressing nicely, two voice students (Alexandra Estes and Cody Sizemore) will present a recital on November 19.

If all of that was not enough, I have the privilege of directing three fabulous choirs! Although it is only the middle of October, I have already written a "countdown" on the board listing how many rehearsals we have between now and the Christmas Festival (as well as other upcoming performances). The choir members often tease me about my countdown, but it keeps us all on track and mindful of what we need to accomplish by the time the performances roll around.

Our upcoming choir performances are listed below.  

•On October 25th Union Harmony will sing at the joint Homecoming Service at First United Methodist Church in Barbourville.

•November 11th the Union Singers and Union Harmony will be going to Knox Central High School! We will sing a few pieces for their choir and in turn they will sing for us. We will also have time to mingle, if you will, and hopefully recruit some singers!

•December 2nd the Union Singers and Union Harmony will sing in the Atrium of Sharp Academic Center. The Atrium is so beautifully decorated at that time of the year and the mini concert has become a tradition we all look forward to.

•The major concert of the semester is the Christmas Festival, which will be held on Saturday, December 5th at 8:00 PM in Conway Bowman Chapel. The Regional Chorus, Union Singers and Union Harmony will all sing pieces individually and jointly. We will also (as always) have at least two audience sing-alongs of familiar carols.

•The final performance of the semester will be held on Thursday, December 10 (the last day of finals) at the Ugly Mug Coffee House at 7 PM. Harmony sang there on Valentine's Day last year and had a great time!!

There is much preparation ahead of us and yet so much to look forward to -- I love it and I love my hard-working, talented, dedicated singers!

Please enjoy some candid choir rehearsal photos posted below. Oh, and be sure to mark your calendars!
Union Singers and Harmony
Regional Chorus

Men of Regional Chorus (most of them)
Union Singers and Harmony
Regional Chorus

Monday, September 28, 2015

I Was Blogging and Found . . .

Eighth post in the series

I was drawn to this article for two reasons: I enjoy Ligonier Connect and "Louisville, KY" caught my eye. It is a brief article about the role of music in worship. Make no mistake, I am a lover of music and am mindful of its vital role in worship; however, as I have said on numerous occasions, music should serve the text: the word is supreme.

I am not a fan of the designation "Worship Leader" as it is often used in our churches today to describe the role of the music director. The article linked below addresses these issues and more.


Friday, August 14, 2015

Announcing Union Harmony 2015-2016

On campus auditions for Union Harmony are typically held during the spring, with additional auditions held in the summer, as needed. Veteran members of the group are required to re-audition, so there is no “resting on your laurels” so to speak! It is a vigorous process. Singers had to sing a solo melody, sing their part (soprano, alto, tenor, bass) in a quartet, and sing scales in the range of the voice part for which they were auditioning.  I want to thank everyone who auditioned for this year’s group!

Members of Union Harmony 2015-2016 are: Katelyn Snelling (soprano), Kelli Hensley (soprano), Alexandra Estes (soprano), Maggie Watkins (alto), Jessica Boggs (alto), John Patrick (JP) White (tenor), Cody Sizemore (tenor), Jorge Jackson (bass), and Justin Matlock (bass).

Jorge (a bass) is new to the group this year and one alto, Jessica Boggs, is also new.  It is not common for a freshman to make Union Harmony, but Jessica is an exceptional singer from Corbin, with whom I have had contact with throughout the year.

Congratulations to all!  As always, I am looking forward to working with both Union Harmony and the Union Singers! If you happen to see one of these singers in the upcoming weeks, be sure to offer your congratulations!

Let the singing commence!